Above All Awnings is proud to support United Way’s 2023 Community Campaign to ensure that:

Above All Awnings is committed to donating 1% of our sales to United Way Greater Toronto, each year.

Low Income = Highest Infection Rate

People who are living on a low income represent a higher number of workers in industries that have experienced higher rates of COVID- 19 infections.

Those Neighbourhoods Are At High Risk

In Toronto, low-income neighbourhoods experienced higher numbers of COVID-19 cases per hundred thousand than other neighbourhoods.

Mental Health Is Declining Rapidly

Mental health is worsening for multiple populations, particularly Indigenous and racialized people, with youth representing the biggest declines in mental health in the country.

Food Banks Are Overwhelmed

In Toronto, 76% of new clients began accessing food banks because of COVID-19 and 76% of food bank clients who were working prior to the pandemic reported job loss.

Affordable Housing Wait List at 12+ Years

As of March 2021, there are 79,322 households on the waitlist for subsidized housing in Toronto, making the wait time for a one- bedroom unit 12 years or more.

We Need To Address The Root Cause Of Poverty

While vaccines provide tremendous hope when it comes to stemming the tide of infections, addressing deepening poverty across the Greater Toronto Area – and the unignorable issues at its root – is not a quick fix.

United Way Greater Toronto has put out a call to their partners to support an equitable community recovery from the pandemic.

And Above All Awnings is saying ‘yes’. We are proud to support United Way’s 2023 Community Recovery Campaign to ensure that:

Basic, Fundamental Needs Are Met

As we move through this pandemic, the United Way is helping ensure access to healthy, affordable food, a safe place to call home, a stable, good job, and mental health and wellbeing support are surfacing as critical needs.

Tackle Local Poverty, Discrimination And Inequity At Its Roots

Tackle local poverty, and the discrimination and inequity at its root, through United Way’s community coordination work across the region.

Support An Equitable Pandemic Recovery

Ensure the strength and agility of United Way’s network of agencies so they can work together in new and innovative ways to address the intersectional issues being faced b

We are passionate about having a positive impact in the communities where we live and work.

Together, we can tear down the barriers—discrimination, racism, and system inequities—that hold us all back from reaching our community’s full potential. We are at a pivotal moment in our history, and we can help to build a more prosperous and inclusive future for everyone as we emerge from this crisis.

Above All Awnings is committed to donating 1% of our sales to United Way Greater Toronto, each year.

To learn more about United Way Greater Toronto and how they are supporting the community through the COVID crisis, visit